Wooden hull, single mast, cutter rig, 28t, 48.2' x 11.8' x 9.0'
length, breadth and depth of hold in feet. ON101119 (Official Number)
Built 1873 Wm. Longford, Sydney.
Owners, (1st reg Pt Adelaide) Sept 1894 W.Russell
1895 R.Woolnough & others:
1898 W.Russell & M.Wald, later only W.Russell.
1921 S.H.Sheridan: other owners follow until wrecked Cape Cassini,
April 3, 1958 when owned by N.R.Buick, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island.
Reference: Ronald Parsons, Ketches of South Australia 5th Ed.(rev) Australian Maritime Historical Society, 2005