7. School Facilities - Pipalyatjara Anangu School 2018

Buildings and grounds

The school was rebuilt in 2008 and finishing and furnishing of the buildings is nearly complete. Most buildings are arranged around a central courtyard with trees which provide some shade. The buildings include a Resource Centre which is a solid stone structure, a main classroom block with three classrooms, an administration block, student and staff toilet blocks, double classroom, canteen which is used for Home Economics, Music centre and a Preschool building with laundry, preschool student toilets, disabled bathroom and kitchen. A tree planting and landscaping program is carried out during 2014. There is a covered paved basketball court, covered playground and the community oval a short distance away is available for other activities. In 2015 a shed was renovated to an Art/Tech Studies centre. Plans to facilitate a direct connection between use of the Trade Training Centre and developing trade skills for employment pathways.

Pipalyatjara Anangu School has access to a 25m Community Swimming Pool facility pool. The Community has access to the swimming pool after school hours and on weekends. The Pool, with its green grass and crystal clear water is a great asset.


All school buildings and classroom either have reverse cycle air conditioning or evaporative cooling.

Student facilities

Students receive breakfast, fruit and lunches “at cost” each day. All classroom are air- condition and have internet and computers available for school use. Soundfield systems are fitted in all classrooms. Staff facilities Staff room with kitchen and another small area with computer access and printer. Teachers have a laptop to use with their IWBs, class camera and ipads.

Access for students and staff with disabilities Ramps are in place in most buildings, disabled toilets and shower are available.

Access to bus transport A School Bus service is provided for Kalka students. The school has two troop carriers for alternative transport and bush trips.

Reference: 2018 Pipalyatjara Anangu School Annual Report