Don't sit there and be overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem. Just pick out the portion which is yours, and kick butt. Go out there and make a difference. Change it. Change it. Change it!
Harry Belefonte (b 1927) US singer and civil rights activist.

These pages are designed to raise consciousness of issues of private and public policy as they relate to social justice, environmental degredation, poverty, waste and greed. Large organisations, whether they are governmental or private tend to lose track of their impact on the public, especially those sections of the community without a voice, children, the aged and the poor. At worst they deliberately ignore or obfuscate where the bottom line is profit for the shareholders and directors and some other agendas not in the public interest are being smoke screened or the just needs of an electorate are deemed irrelevant to winning an election.

There are numerous examples. Sometimes it is merely ignorance of the truth. In the worst cases these organisations, public and private, continue despite knowing the unfair outcomes of their actions. I have been spurred on by a background of supporting seeming lost causes for around thirty-five years.

My recent involvement with Aboriginal schools in Central Australia has motivated me to try to take up their cause. I invite you to find a cause to champion from these pages or from the many links provided.

example of link grahic used on pages For each issue raised on these pages there are some special links to what I have called green papers, which are highlighted by the graphic seen here. Clicking on this link will open a separate window to another site or paper on this site giving details or argument for the proposition being made. After reading, close the window to return. All links to other sites will also open a new window. After exploring close the window to return to the page on this site from which you started.

Peter Russell
March 2002

Since 2004 I have been tied up with other interests and a second employment period. I have now retired for the second time and can have a look at reviewing and updating this website. Fixing broken links and deleting out of date material. It will take a little while so please forgive me and come again. What is amazing however is that it seems that not much has changed and how up to date much of this old material is. It goes to show that the powers and principalities of this age are not ready to roll over and die yet! So our struggle for truth and justice is still on!!

August 2010


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