Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC)
Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc
Action for World Development
Amnesty International - Australia
Australia Institute
Australian Coalition for Economic Justice (acej)
Australian Consumers Association (ACA)
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA)
Australian Council of Deans of Education Incorporated (ACDE)
Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)
Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network (AFTINET)
Australian Policy Online
Australian Refugee Association
Australians Against Racism
Brotherhood of St Laurence
Centre for Policy Development
Centre for Social Justice
The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER)
Common Dreams News Center
Christian Blind Mission International - Aust
Economic Reform Australia (ERA)
Essential Information
Ethical Investor
Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils in Australia (FECCA)
George Monbiot
GetUp: Action for Australia
Hawke Policy Website
Hidden Agendas - John Pilger
Human Rights Commissioner - Australia
Information Clearing House - NEWS YOU WON'T FIND ON CNN
A Just Australia
Michael Moore
Multinational Monitor
National Council of Churches in Australia - Social Justice Network
The Natural Environment Society
New Internationalist Publications
New Matilda
Now We The People
One Man's Web
Oxfam Australia Trading
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad
Ozspirit - Caritas Australia
Poverty in Australia
Project SafeCom Inc.
Public Education Network
Refugee Council of Australia
Rural Australians for Refugees
Spare Rooms for Refugees
Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation
Transnational Foundation for Peace and Futures Research
United Nations (UN)
Uniting Justice Australia
Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre
World Council of Churches

Must Read
Noreena Hertz THE SILENT TAKEOVER, Heinemann, London 2001
Documents, in a readable format, the growing power of big business and new forms of protest in the light of the involvement of governments in supporting multinationals against their own constituents interests.
George Monbriot CAPTIVE STATE, Pan Macmillan, London 2001
Banned by the Swiss as subversive, this book is a damning account of the effects of market capitalism in the UK and suggests that the manipulation by multinational corporations of the US and UK governments and other governments may be the most serious threat to democracy on this planet.
Anita Roddick TAKE IT PERSONALLY, Harper Collins, London 2001
Subtitled; How Globalization affects you and powerful ways to challenge it, this book by Anita Roddick, famed founder of The Body Shop, combines many articles by people such as Aung San Suu Kyi, Ralph Nader, Naomi Klein and others. Brilliantly presented with colour photos and graphical layouts, easy to read and compelling content make this a must read.
John Pilger THE NEW RULERS OF THE WORLD, Verso, London 2002
You won't read about these issues in the newspaper, well hardly! Read how the media is manipulated and how the powerful stay that way; how a million people died in Indonesia as the price for being the World Bank's star pupil and a half a million children died from the embargo to "punish" Saddam in Iraq. (see above: Hidden Agendas)
Michael Moore STUPID WHITE MEN...and other sorry excuses for the State of the Nation!, Penguin, London 2002
Michael Moore, film-maker and TV satirist, investigates what is wrong with the USA. He suggests the UN should send in peace keepers to help restore democracy. This is the British edition with "a new introduction, Epilogue and minor text changes". The story of the book's near suppression makes fascinating reading. Also you have to go to Michael's website to read the stuff he wasn't allowed to put in the British (and Australian - my copy was printed here) edition! Biting sarcasm and wit, like Michael's films, makes you laugh, cry and get angry all at once! We know we live in an unfair world. Mike grabs you by the throat and shakes you out of your apathy. If this book doesn't do this for you, then you must be dead (or your heart turned to stone like many of our politicians and business leaders).

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