Don't Tease by Kristen

My Story

Hi, my name is Tracey. I didn't know much about racism until I met a friend.
She told me all about racism and how she experienced racism.
For example she was being teased because of;
  • the colour of her skin.
  • her culture.
That's when I learnt about racism and that there are many different ways that people can be racist.
Because she is an Aboriginal she thought that she was meant to be called names and be treated this way.
She knew she needed to stop these people but she wanted somebody to help her to do it.
So she came to me and explained every thing. She was very upset and needed my help.
I gave her some advice.
These are some examples of my advice;
  • Go to cultural awareness.
  • Go to Naidoc Week.
  • You could just get to know your culture more.
So she went to all of those cultural places. After a couple of weeks she felt like a new person.
Now she has gained all of her self esteem back. She said to me that she could take on the world.
    So if you are being harassed teased or in any way that you think is racism go to someone for help.

    Or you can go to those cultural places. Maybe you will feel like a new person too.