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What our school is doing

At Flinders View Primary School we have a
list of thing we do to try to stop racism around us.
The school does things like...


ASSPA means Aboriginal Student Support Parent Association.

ASSPA is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) that go to our school. On certain nights parents meet with each other and discuss issues like what to buy to help the ATSI students in the school. With their budget, they might get extra computers for the ATSI room, books for the library on indigenous culture, art supplies and videos. They might also spend some money helping ATSI students go on camps and excursions or pay for indigenous artists and dancers to come to the school and work with all the students.

Our school is also thinking about making a homework centre.



AEW stands for Aboriginal Educational Worker.

To be an AEW you must be a qualified Aboriginal Worker. An AEW provides a specific service to Aboriginal students in the key areas of literacy and numeracy. They provide an Aboriginal way to teaching and learning across the curriculum. They undertake home-school liaison to encourage the involvement of Aboriginal parents in decision making and understanding of the diversity of Aboriginal cultures, history and issues facing Aboriginal communities.

Last term our AET and AEWs trialled a breakfast program to see if it would help some kids come to school on time. It worked so they hope to start it next term with the help of sponsors donating food. It will be for all kids not just Aboriginals.



AET stands for Aboriginal Education Teacher.

To be an AET you do not have to be an Aboriginal. But you must be a qualified teacher. An AET helps Aboriginal students throughout the school with educational programs.


School Counsellor

photo of our Student Councellor

What is your job as a school counsellor?
To work with students, parents and teachers. To help people to get along, solve conflicts and to make Flinders View Primary School a safe place to be.
How does a School Counsellor help stop racism in our school?

To educate students and our school community and working with everyone regarding issues, concerns and ideas, and be consistent that racism is not tolerated at Flinders View Primary School.
What can the students do to help stop racism in our school and community?

Accept peoples differences, beliefs, cultures and try to get along with others. Respect one another!


Student Leaders

Student leaders are students who have the job of helping the teachers in the yard during recess and lunch. They also wear red hats so they are easily seen.

They were once called Peer Mediators. If there is a student leader around and someone is getting teased or is hurt and there isn't a teacher out they take the person to a teacher and the teacher will either take them to the sick room if they are hurt or take him/her to the student councellor if they have been naughty.


Mirre Dancers

photo of the Mirre Dancers

During the year 2003 some people came to Flinders View Primary School to do some Aboriginal cultural dancing. They did story telling, they let some students have a turn on the digeridoo, asked teachers and students to come on stage to dance and they also told us a bit about themselves.


Croc Fest

Photo of our Croc Fest dancers

Last year our school entered in the Croc Fest. Our dance (see picture) was to "THE POWER - Vanessa Amorosi". Our AET and AEWs helped us with sets and costumes. The kids that were involved in the Croc Fest said that it was a great experience. All the kids learnt a lot about culture. This year we are going to enter again.




Aunty Jean

NAIDOC stands for National and Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee.

For NAIDOC Week the school celebrates by cooking damper, painting Aboriginal pictures, listening to stories and songs told by elderly people from the community and many class activities run by the teachers.