Racism no way logo by Kristen

Kristen's poem

Day by day
I go to school
in the morning
I think in my
mind about the bullies
at school.
What they would
do I would not have
a clue mum said
"If you show your
fears and
your feelings too,
they will only tease
you more." It is time
to go home. I walk to the
bus stop. I look over my
shoulder, there they are
walking towards me, they
say "Stop", I just keep walking.
They chase me, then they catch me.
They pull me down to the ground.
They let me go because there is
a Teacher coming. I get
on the bus.They follow
me. They also follow
me home. They wait for
me outside on the other
side of the road. To come
out but I don't.