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Leonard Lester

Emergency Relief Worker-Pika Wiya

Photo of Leonard How would you explain racism?
- Attitude
- One race thinks they're better than others.

Have you ever experienced racism
- Yes - when I had every thing booked for a trip but when I rang up to confirm that every thing was ready I mentioned that they were Aboriginal. They lied to me that they were double booked.

What did you do about it?
- I got someone else to book the cabins for them and when they got there, the owner complained. In the end they went somewhere else.

How did it make you feel?
- sad
- angry

Can you give me any ideas on how you can try to stop racism?
- Croc festival
- Sorry Day
- Reconciliation
- Join clubs to make friends with other people from different cultures.


Charmaine Hull

Coordinator - Pika Wiya Nurse Training

photo of Charmain How would you explain racism?
- It can effect everyone
- Harmful
- Bad things
- Hurt full
- Can effect people in different ways
- Led to illness
- Want to give up

Can you give me any ideas on how you can stop racism?
- Becoming friends with people from different cultures

What does Cultural Awareness do?
- When you tell another culture about what Aboriginals
do, how they live and be creative.

Have you ever experienced racism?
- Yes - when I was going to university, but I kept
going and didn't give up because they're the one with the problem in the end.

How did it make you feel?
- left out
- sad
- hurtful
- it makes you want to give up (don't give up)
- upsetting, could make you cry.

What did you do about it?
- I got support from lecturers, family and friends.

What part of Pika Wiya do you work in?
- The Pika Wiya Learning Centre

What do you do?
- I'm a coordinator and I train Aboriginal people to be nurses and health workers.

What are some ideas you have to help stop racism?
- Cultural Awareness - making non Aboriginals aware of Aboriginal culture.
- making an effort to make friends with people from other races.


Erin Woolsord

Assistant to CEO, Bungala Aboriginal Corporation

photo of Erin Have you ever experienced racism?
- Yes - but not directly at me.

How would it make you feel if you did?
- Angry and sad, because the stone age people have not evolved and are still acting the same way.

What is your job?
- I'm a Personal Assistant to the CEO. (Bungala Aboriginal Corporation)

Can you give me any ideas on how you can try to stop racism?
- Educational programs (the best way to target racism is to educate people).
- Cultural Awareness


Tania Solar


photo of Tania How do you explain racism?
- Not being fair towards a person because of their colour, sex, age, or disability.
- Not having a decision made on facts.

Have you ever experienced racism?
- Yes - it was when I was applying for private housing,the landlord was reluctant to rent to me because I had children.

How did you feel?
- angry
- upset

What did you do about it?
- I complained to different departments

Can you give me any ideas on how you could try and stop racism?
- Have a variety of people to make decision on a particular person/case
- Educating the people.


Debra Fuschtei

Counsellor - Flinders Tce Health Centre

photo of Debra Have you ever gotten teased about racism?
- Yes I have.

How did you feel about it?
- Very sad and alone.

What did you do about it?
- I told all my friends and then I just stayed away from them

- Because I just couldn't stand to look at them.

Do think theres a way to stop racism?
- I think they should put more information out into the community about multi culturalism.


Maxine Austin

Co-ordinator(incharge for all administration)
Aboriginal Womens Centre

photo of Maxine How do you explain racism?
- Someone from a different race discriminating someone from another race.

Have you ever experianced racism?
- Yes

What was it?
- When I was going to the pub with my friends the bouncer said that we couldn't go in because there was a full house. When three non Aboriginals went they were allowed in and we asked why we couldn't go in and they said it was because we were dressed inappropriately but we were dressed correctly.

What did you do?
- We let the bouncer know how we felt and we stood up for ourselves.

Do you have any ideas on how you think you can try to stop racism?
- Different cultures working together.
- Let someone know how you feel if they are being racist.

Youth Centre

Management Committee

The Youth Centre is for the Aboriginal and non Aboriginal community. It's nick name is the Black and White Hub. We made the Youth Centre because people were complaining about kids walking the streets at night. The Youth Centre has been a real success throughout Port Augusta because it is a fun and enjoyable place to be.


Lavene Ngatokorua

Senior Community Constable - SA Police

photo of Lavene What does racism mean to you?
- Racism means to me is when one group of people discriminates against another.

Have you ever experienced racism?
- I have.

- I was in the shop standing in line and the shopkeeper won't look at me, or serve me, but will serve all the other people around you.

How did you feel?
- I became very angry.
- When I was younger I used to get very embarrassed.

What did you do about it ?
- I voiced my opinion in a very angry way.
- When I was younger I couldn't see the differences or see anything wrong, but I could feel it.
When I got older the same thing happened so I voiced my opinion and I said that I was in the shop before these people and you should serve me first.

Do you have any ideas on how we can stop racism?
- People should work together. What you girls are doing is making a difference.
- A lot of people need to be brought together and it needs to be brought out to the attention of the community and not left behind closed doors.
- It needs to be out into people's faces.

What is your job?
- I am a Senior Community Constable in Port Augusta and I work in the family violence section, sexual assault unit. There is racism in a lot of places. I'm in the Police Department as an Aboriginal Worker. I make sure that the police are aware of what they do and bring it to their attention and work with the officers to stop it.



Aboriginal teacher

Have you ever been teased about racism?
- Yes

What kind of racism?
- When I was going to school we used to go to the movies and all the Aboriginals had to sit in one section of the theatre only.

How did you feel?
- angry
- upset
- not as good as the other kids

What did you do?
- I couldn't do anything because I was a kid so I just had to accept it at the time.

Can you give me any ideas on how you can try to stop racism?
- Getting to know people - Reconciliation - Cultural awareness


Video Interviews

Opal and Tonya tried videoing some interviews with the help of Mrs Sharp.
The people that we interviewed were Roxanne Thomas
(FVPS student) and Heather Stuart (AEW).