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What is Racism?

Belief that a particular group or race is inferior.

Information on our Community

Population in Port Augusta.
Indigenous people = 17% In Australia = 2%
Indigenous children = 25%
Flinders View Primary = 50%
(2001 Census)


Unemployment (non-indigenous) =
Unemployment (indigenous) =
(still waiting for information from the Social Vision Unit)

You get a lot of people saying Aboriginal people won't work. They say all Aboriginal people are the same. They're not! A lot of Aboriginal people like to work. Unfortunately out in the wider community Aboriginal people are the most trained people in the world, I reckon, and still can't get the jobs. I believe that's a form of racism there. You can be the best qualified but because of the colour of your skin you can't get the job. It's not because our people don't want to work, they just can't get the jobs.

(Lavene Ngatokorua - Senior Community Constable - SA Police)


Aboriginal people's life expectancy is 20 years less than non-indigenous Austalians.

Indigenous organisations

These organisations help us to fight racism.
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The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) is Australia’s principal democratically elected Indigenous organisation.

The Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) is part-funded by ATSIC to proride training and employment opprtunities to lndigenous people in Port Augusta and region.

ATSIC's vision is of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities freely exercising our legal, economic, social, cultral and political rights.
(ATSIC at a glance - booklet)

interviewing Tania Solar outside Port Augusta ATSIC
(Here we are at ATSIC with Kristen's mum, Tania)


Bungala Aboriginal Corporation CDEP was established with the vision to provide all eligible unemployed Aboriginal people in Port Augusta and districts with employment, on the job training, self esteem and confidence.
us girls with Erin outside view of bungala
(At Bungala we met Erin - she gave us some information on Racism)


Pika Wiya heath service helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with health issues. It treats them for prices they can afford.It also treats them with the proper respect people deserve. It means Aboriginal an Torres Strait Islander people can get heath care equal to other other Australians.

us girls with Leonard Lester outside of Pika Wiya Health service
(Here we are with Leonard - he told us a bit about his job and how he experienced Racism)


"The SVU aims to work with indigenous, government and non-government agencies, groups and individuals to foster indigenous employment, traineeships and training in an environment of positive co-operation and mutual respect."
(SVU - fax)

Port Augusta council
(This is the Social Vision Unit which is part of the Port Augusta Council)


What the Womens Centre does to help Aboriginal people in the community.

  • Caterings (parties,funeral,etc).
  • Arts and crafts (2 days a week-Tuesday and Friday).
  • Nutritional programes for elderly people.
  • Outings (cook bushtucker, etc).
  • Referrals service.
  • Court companions.
  • Kindy Wed/Thurs .
  • Try to keep involved with the community.
  • Won organisation of the year 2 years in a row.

Us girls outside the womens centre Outside the womens centre
(Here we are with Maxine at the Women's Centre)