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Mix Web Competition Credits

Tonya Fuschtei

photo of Tonya I did the home page, what the school is doing and the interviews page. I also did the html for all of the pages I did. Kristen also helped me with the interviews page. I made the no racism flag with Kidpix on the home page and made some logo's. I put all the photos on to the interviews page and put some paintings on to the home page. Kristen gave me the idea of making a flag.

Kristen Solar

photo of kristen I wrote the poem and made the web page. I helped with the ATSIC interview. I also helped Tonya with the interviews in Port Augusta and around the school. I took some of the photos and Mr Russell downloaded them onto the computer. I also checked the interviews page for mistakes and I corrected them.I also did two of the logos; one on the Poem page and one on the Story page.

Tracey Saunders

photo of Tracey I wrote the story and put it on the web page after listening to all the people that we interviewed.
I also did the html for the credits page.
I went and interviewed people in the Port Augusta community. I also helped recheck everyone's work.

Opal Pappin

photo of Opal I worked on the community page. I had to look on the internet and gathered information from different organisations and as we went along we took photos of the places.

Special Thanks

Thank you Leonard Lester, Charmaine Hull, Erin Woolsord,Tania Solar, Maxine Austin and Lavene Ngatokorua. We appreciated your cooperation when we came to interview you all.

Thanks to our teachers Mr Lawson and Miss Napper for letting us get out of class lessons to do the web pages.

We would all like to thank Mr Russell for helping us with the codes, transporting us to get information, teaching us how to code web pages using notepad and giving up his own free time to help us. THANKS

How we made these pages

The teachers were asked by Dr Russell to find four students to participate in a web site building competition on racism. Two students from each of the year 7 classes were selected. That is how we came to produce this website.

The principal also asked her husband who was on leave to work with us. We met three times a week for two fifty minute lessons.

At our first meeting Mr Russell explained what the competition was about and started to teach us how to code web pages in HTML using Notepad. We also brainstormed what we thought racism was all about and ways to try and stop it. We filled two whiteboards with ideas.

One of the ideas we had was to visit Aboriginal groups and people in Port Augusta who could answer our questions. We also asked students and other people in the school.

We split the jobs by doing separate web pages. We rang up ATSIC, Pika Wiya, Bungala, Aboriginal Womens' Centre to book a visit.

When we visited places we all took notes and turns in asking the questions we made up. We also took photos of the places and people with a digital camera.

We collected the information in our note books and then put it on our web pages.

Working at Technology School Of the Future

Mr Russell taught us how to take the photos off the camera and put them on the web page. We learnt to crop and resize photos. He also showed us how to change text, colours, make boxes and link pages.

We used Textease, Paint Shop Pro, Kidpix, Windows Movie Maker and Notepad. We looked at the Racismnoway website and did some of the activities to help us think about the topic.

We couldn't do everything we started. We asked a lot of people about the unemployment numbers but they haven't answered yet.

Even if we don't win it's been a great experience, it's not just going to cut out of our minds, it is a memory.

Postscript. . .

On Monday, 21st July, 2003, at a school assembly attended by Phil Allen, representing the Multicultural Communities Association of SA and Lyn Breuer M.P., Member for Giles, representing the Minister of Education, students were presented with prizes for their website being judged as outstanding (one of the top two primary schools) in the Mix Web Design Competition 2003.

Click here to go to the Mix Web Competition site. See pictures of our students at the TSOF (Technology School of the Future).